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Updating a hacked adobe cs4

is Photoshop, the legendary image-editing application known for its power and scope.Adobe could probably get away with resting on the heaps of laurels the app has earned over the years, but as Photoshop CS4 shows, that's not what it's doing.

One definite plus is the new Vibrance adjustment layer, which successfully manipulates saturation without disturbing skin tones.I also like the new tabbed document interface that's working its way across the Creative Suite.As with many Web browsers, you can switch among multiple open documents simply by clicking one of tabs in the row across the top of the interface.Making selections to isolate your editing to discrete portions of an image remains one of the most daunting Photoshop tasks. The big draw here is in the Density and Feather sliders, which control a mask's opacity and the softness of its edges, respectively.The great thing about these sliders is that they remain live—you can adjust them any time you want.Now, holding down the shortcut key for a tool (such as B for Brush, or for that matter H for Hand) activates the tool until you release the key.

This is a great improvement, and one that Adobe ought to implement across the suite.

This feature is long overdue, as most browsers have had this ability for ages.

Another improvement extends the handy feature of previous versions that let you instantly access the Hand tool by holding down the spacebar.

Adjustment layers now have their own Adjustments palette.

This isn't a huge improvement over the previous implementation in the Layers palette, but the controls are a bit easier to access than before.

This is a display-only rotation, not a resampling of the entire image.